Centre Murals

Mural #41 is a two segment mural with the first segment completed on the south wall of the Centre in July, 2010.  This segment depicts a family strolling to an event taking place on the north wall of the Centre.

The second segment of Mural #41 is on the north wall of the Centre (60ft x 18ft)and was completed in November 2013.  This segment is set in the late 1800’s and depicts a lively outdoor gathering in Chemainus with Mount Brenton in the background.

The artist, Lurene Haines, volunteered to paint this two segment mural.  Thanks Lurene from our 600 members for sharing your time and talents to grace our walls with colorful murals.  You can be proud of this accomplishment!

Further information on Mural #41 can be found at


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