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The Chemainus 55 + Activity Centre, started in 1981 in a small rented building and today is housed in a 8750 sq ft building owned by the members. The Centre is a vibrant non-denominational centre with over 600 members, and offers a wide variety of programs, activities and classes as well as special events and community activities. Membership is open to any seniors 55 years+ — or to associate members with a spouse of 55 years+ — and costs only $20 a year per person. The Chemainus 55 + Activity Centre is run by the members and encourages active participation. Want to Join Us?

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History of the Centre

Chemainus Seniors Centre 1980

Chemainus Seniors Centre 1980

The Chemainus 55 + Activity Centre began in 1981, from a rented building on Oak Street to a self-sustaining meeting place, enjoyed by many seniors. In 1986, under the President, Norman Micklewright, $10,000 was obtained from the Seniors Lottery and a $35,000 grant from the B.C. Government (earned by voluntary labour).

Members raised $22,500, which was matched with a municipal loan (later forgiven). The total was used to buy an old empty house on Willow Street. This was replaced in 1992 with a 2-storey lounge and kitchen, and later expanded.

Chemainus Seniors Centre 1986

Chemainus Seniors Centre 1986

A schedule was begun by the Secretary, Marion Micklewright, in which a hostess served drinks and cookies daily from 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.. In 1998 the adjacent lot and house were purchased and and it remains an investment property to date.


The Centre has grown from 770 sq. ft. floor area in 1981 to 8,750 sq. ft. at the present (2012) due to interest-free loans, the efforts of many volunteer hours and a variety of programs, donations and fund raisers.


Chemainus Seniors Centre 2007

The Chemainus 55 + Activity Centre



Our Centre is now a vibrant non-denominational centre with over 600 members and is owned entirely by its members.




Effective January 1, 2024

President — Patricia Ballantyne
Vice President — Murray Schaffer
Treasurer — Holly Vickers
Assistant Treasurer — Patricia Ballantyne
Secretary — Richard Johnson

Past President  —


Programs & Social
Publicity & PR — Yvonne Farnham
Membership — Linda Cherry
Maintenance — Mike Smith
Kitchen — Steve Woods
Bingo — Tammy Wilson
Volunteer Coordinator — Steve Woods
Director at Large — Terri Hegarty
Director at Large — Sheila Charette

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